Brianna Designed It does not provide refunds. If a buyer is unsatisfied with our services, we are more than happy to accommodate them by making revisions or providing a credit towards future services. Credits are NOT guaranteed.

We do NOT provide refunds for buyers remorse. Refunds are only processed if we decide to provide them.

Design Information

The client agrees that they will give full details/ description to the designer. If information is not sent, please refer to Ghosting Clause for additional information. Client also understand that what is submitted onto the design form will be used for the design.

3 Draft Revision

The designer will require a 3 Draft revision for the client. Once the client has reviewed the design, the client has 3 opportunities, with no charge, to give full descriptions of changes needed done. Once the client has fulfilled the 3 drafts, they understand there will be an additional $20 fee added for each additional change. Please understand that theses 3 revisions mean that they are only  3 CHANGES. For example, if I were to make you a flyer and send you the first draft, the following is not considered:

"Can you change, the title, make the font bigger, make the background black, switch the words around, and change the picture"

This would be considered 5 revisions. Which means, you'll have to pay $10 for the extra revisions. Below is an example of what's considered:

"Can you change the title font, change my picture and make the background back"

This would be considered 3 revisions. Once you checkout and sign our contract, you agree to these terms.

The client also understands that once he/she has received their final copies for their design, that they can NOT ask for any additional changes. If they do so, you will be charged for the price of a new design.

Turnaround Time

The client understands that they will receive their design in 5-14 days for A La Carte Services, 28-31 business days/4 weeks for design packages and websites. (WEEKENDS NOT INCLUDED). Custom packages can take up to 2 months to complete depending on package size.

We work diligently to deliver services promptly. However, turnaround times could be extended due to unforeseen circumstances, including but not limited to high order volume, personal emergencies, health problems and more.

Revisions take 1-3 business days to complete but can take up to 5 depending on work load!

Please also understand communication is key. Once you send information for any work, that's when we're able to being working. Delayed responses for design work, can effect design turnaround.

The turnaround time for all Graphic Design Services, begins when FULL ADVANCE PAYMENT has been made, design form is completed and all content (i.e., images, pictures, bio, information, links, etc.) for the design project has been supplied by the CLIENT.